Chapter 13: Filter moving upstream?

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Chapter 13: Filter moving upstream?

Postby PowerLee » Fri Jul 06, 2018 6:34 pm

Hello Matt,

I have a question regarding chapter 13, specifically at the section where you are writing: "Note: I have swapped the column Products[Category] with Territories[Country] above
to show an alternate view of the data. These measures work regardless of which column you have
on Rows on the pivot table."
Pag. 128

Why would that work if there is no relationship between the Territories table and the Customers table and filters only move downstream?
I understand that the customer table is being filtered and only customers whose [Total Sales] are >= 5,000 $ are taken thanks to Row Context turning into Filter Context.

The way I understand is: Customers table is being filtered and only customers with [Total Sales] >=5000 are left. Then for each row in the pivot table (for instance Australia), the Sales table is filtered and only Territory Keys associated with Australia are left. Then the filtered Sales table filters the previously filtered Customers table (the customer keys left in the Sales table when the Sales table is filtered by Australia are then used to filter the previously filtered Customers table). But this would imply the the filter is moving upstream from the Sales table to the Customers table.

I am used to the CROSSFILTER function to calculate things like the Number of Male Customers from Europe when I drop the Territories Group in the rows section of a pivot table


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