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Filtered CUBESET from related tables

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 2:21 am
by murphys

First question here ! So thank you in advance for your answer !
Hopefully I can get help !

My goal is to obtain a filtered CUBESET containing all the ContractName based on the ScenarioNum.


Here's how to understand the structure :

I have a table Contracts containing all general information on my contracts.
I have a table ContractsByYear containing specific information by year for each contracts
I have a table Scenarios containing multiple scenarios about which contracts I should consider
I have a table ContractsByScenario that specify wich contract is in a specific scenario

So now, my goal, as I said before is to obtain a CUBESET containing all ContractName filtered with a specific ScenarioNum.

I can't figure how I can obtain that.

Somebody knows ?

If you guys need more details, feel free to ask !
Thanks !