Chapter 7, Pg. 68; Pivot Table Results Not Matching

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Chapter 7, Pg. 68; Pivot Table Results Not Matching

Postby tehstig » Sun Apr 28, 2019 10:25 am


Pg 68 (of my book) shows the resulting Pivot Table that should be achieved when placing Products[Category] on Rows, Calendar[Is Weekend?] on Columns, and [Total Sales Amount] in Values. Calendar[Is Weekend?] is a calculated column with the OR function given in the prior page.

My table shows up when adding the rows and the columns, but once I add the values, the FALSE and TRUE columns disappear and a "(blank)" column is created instead -- so I'm not getting these same results?

Can anyone help me with why? This must be an error on my part as I did not see someone talking about this specifically yet in this forum.

Is it because Product and Calendar are two different tables, and to filter both would require going "Uphill" to the Calendar table?

Thanks for your help!

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