Running Totals to Dispaly Inventory Position Over time

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Running Totals to Dispaly Inventory Position Over time

Postby MartinoF » Fri Apr 07, 2017 10:39 am

I am fairly new to DAX. I am currently working on a project in Power BI and would like to create visualizations based on the inventory related positions(items) in the attached Excel File.
I have a table with 2 products and dates for different items per product. I would like DAX code or a sample *.pbix file to represent the running total per product as shown in Column " T " of the attached workbook. There are also samples of what the graphs should look like.

Your help/guidance will be greatly appreciated.
Cumulative Inventory Position.xlsx
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Re: Running Totals to Dispaly Inventory Position Over time

Postby Steve_D » Tue Apr 11, 2017 2:34 pm

I'm not sure if this will help as i'm new to DAX as well but, May I test terminology please?
1. On Hand means Finished Inventory available for Sale at the start of the day (Carry in Value)?
2. Sales Order decrements finished inventory on that day?
3. In Cure would be WIP, and not part of Finished Goods until Tfered into FG at a point in time?
4. Is "On Order" a purchase from an external supplier into Finished goods?

If so, wouldn't your On Hand figure be [QTY ] = [On Hand] + [On Order] - [Sales Order] + [In Cure] which would change over time.
in which case something like this may help.
Qty On Hand = CALCULATE (
ALL('Date'[Calendar Date]),
'Date'[Calendar Date] <= MAX([ Report Date] ))) where Report Date is a parameter you pass to show the stock position at a particular time.

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