Slicer that uses AND rather than OR

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Slicer that uses AND rather than OR

Postby PWilliams » Thu May 16, 2019 10:24 am


I am building a skill matrix at work. I have several slicers on the report for people to select Skill level, category, sub category, and location. Below I have a table that, as you select options, it narrows down the individual.

I have to two issues, the first is that the slicer tends to use OR rather than AND, so if I select two skill from the slicer, I want to select a person that has both skills rather than a list of people who have those skills individually.

The second it that before any selections have been made, all the information is on display. I'd like the table to appear empty until somebody starts to make selections.

This is my first time at the forum, so I appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.


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