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Need Help to understand the SUMX and SUMMARIZE

Posted: Sat Aug 01, 2020 7:58 am
by harshjo1
Hello Forum Members,

I've a scenario where I've created two measures.

1. To calculate the figures for individual line items.
2. To get the correct totals of those line items.

My query is - I'm getting incorrect totals in my measure number one so then I created another measure so I can have correct grand total figure using the SUMX( SUMMARIZE() ) function. When I create two individual measures I get the correct totals figure but when I try to incorporate this within the same measure using Variables I get highly vague and incorrect results.

I'm attaching the screenshot where Measure 1 shows the correct figure for individual line items but showing incorrect totals and Measure 2 showing the correct grand totals.

I'm also attaching the PBIX File for the reference.

Please help in finding out how I can incorporate this two measures within one single measure rather than having two separate measures.

Thanks & Warm Regards,