DAX MTD , QTD , YTD Returning Blanks

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Shane Hutch
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DAX MTD , QTD , YTD Returning Blanks

Postby Shane Hutch » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:55 am

Hi All,

Please can i get some assistance, I've created a Sales monitoring Widget for the sales Team using PowerBi. It uses a card Visual With Daily Weekly , MTD , QTD YTD Figures

Using the Dax Functions if the data is unfiltered the MTD,QTD,YTD return as Blank Values.
I have checked for Nulls, or non Alph numeric items which there are none. As soon as I apply a filter I.E a Branch or Sales Rep the Formula work and Display the Values :

Here are the Measures written :
Sales Revenue = sumx('Sales Fact','Sales Fact'[price]*'Sales Fact'[quantity])
Sales Daily Revenue = CALCULATE([Sales Revenue],'Date Dim'[Date]=TODAY())
Sales WTD Revenue = CALCULATE('Sales Fact'[Sales Revenue],FILTER('Date Dim','Date Dim'[Week Number]=WEEKNUM(today())&&'Date Dim'[Year]=YEAR(TODAY())))
Sales MTD Revenue = TOTALMTD('Sales Fact'[Sales Revenue],'Date Dim'[Date])
Sales QTD Revenue = TOTALQTD('Sales Fact'[Sales Revenue],'Date Dim'[Date])
Sales YTD Revenue = TOTALYTD('Sales Fact'[Sales Revenue],'Date Dim'[Date],"30-06")

Any ideas on what could be causing this ?

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Re: DAX MTD , QTD , YTD Returning Blanks

Postby Steve_D » Mon May 01, 2017 2:48 pm

Hate to post a dumb response but, anyway for sake of discussion, is your Date.Dim field a contiguous set of dates?

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