This is a dedicated forum for people that have questions about the book Supercharge Power BI. In the event of errors in the book, the error information will be in this forum.
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Postby MattAllington » Wed Jul 11, 2018 2:27 pm

In this post, I will share with you the errors noticed after the book is published.

Chapter 17 Here’s How: Creating a Morphing Switch Measure In the definition of the measure [Measure to Display], the measure [Selected Measure] is given as [Selected Value].

Chapter 15 Writing Custom Time Intelligence Functions "The measure [Total Sales LY ID] is mentioned as [Total Sales LY] in the sentence - Note in the matrix below that [Total Sales LY] works on both the month level and the year level.. The Matrix has it correctly mentioned."

Chapter 15 Writing Custom Time Intelligence Functions The measure [Total Sales LY ID] is mentioned as [Total Sales LY] in its definition also.

Chapter 9 Making DAX Easy to Read "Missing a filter on Products[Category]=""Bikes"".
Total Sales Value of Bikes Sold to Single Males in Australia
= CALCULATE( [Total Sales],
Customers[MaritalStatus] = ""S"",
Customers[Gender] = ""M"",
Territories[Country] = ""Australia""

Chapter 12 Typo in the answers given for practice exercises 45 and 46. The correct answers are
Answer for 45
Product SubCategory (Values) = SELECTEDVALUE(Products[SubCategory], "More than 1 Sub Cat")
Answer for 46
Product Color (Values) = SELECTEDVALUE(Products[Color], "More than 1 Color")

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