Measure or pre calculated column in data source

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Measure or pre calculated column in data source

Postby jan.schroeven » Fri Aug 28, 2020 3:52 am


First post for me so hello, I'm Jan from Belgium.
I've been working as a data analyst for 6 years now.

At this moment I'm trying to get a hang of dax/PBI/PP and offcourse the data model.

I have a question about something I can't find a clear answer to.

Should columns that can be recalculated out of other columns in the data model be already in the model? Or is it better to keep the table as narrow as possible.

Let's say i have following columns:

UnitPrice | Qty | Total
3.14 | 4 | 12.56

The total can be recalculated based on UnitPrice and Qty

So my question is, should it be better to drop the Total column from the model and create a measure for it?
Or is it better to keep it in the data model?

I know keeping it in the model will increase the file size and potential slower loading.
But would there be any performance difference between those 2 when actually using it in a report/dashboard?

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Measure or pre calculated column in data source

Postby TyraNoah » Mon May 17, 2021 7:22 pm

When first learning how to use Power Pivot, most users discover the real power is in aggregating or calculating a result in some way. If your data has a column with numeric values, you can easily aggregate it by selecting it in a PivotTable or Power View Field List. By nature, because it’s numeric, it will automatically be summed, averaged, counted, or whatever type of aggregation you select. This is known as an implicit measure. Implicit measures are great for quick and easy aggregation, but they have limits, and those limits can almost always be overcome with explicit measures and calculated columns.

Let’s first look at an example where we use a calculated column to add a new text value for each row in a table named Product. Each row in the Product table contains all sorts of information about each product we sell. We have columns for Product Name, Color, Size, Dealer Price, etc.. We have another related table named Product Category that contains a column ProductCategoryName. What we want is for each product in the Product table to include the product category name from the Product Category table. In our Product table, we can create a calculated column named Product Category like this

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Re: Measure or pre calculated column in data source

Postby Helmihenna » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:36 pm

You can create it as a calculated column in you DSV. DSV will acts as a view on your tables. So this will help you get it up quickly.This new calculated column will be avaliable in measures.

go to solution explorer

enter image description here

You will see all your dimensions and facts

enter image description here

Now right click on your fact and click named calcution .

enter image description here

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