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Measure or pre calculated column in data source

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2020 3:52 am
by jan.schroeven

First post for me so hello, I'm Jan from Belgium.
I've been working as a data analyst for 6 years now.

At this moment I'm trying to get a hang of dax/PBI/PP and offcourse the data model.

I have a question about something I can't find a clear answer to.

Should columns that can be recalculated out of other columns in the data model be already in the model? Or is it better to keep the table as narrow as possible.

Let's say i have following columns:

UnitPrice | Qty | Total
3.14 | 4 | 12.56

The total can be recalculated based on UnitPrice and Qty

So my question is, should it be better to drop the Total column from the model and create a measure for it?
Or is it better to keep it in the data model?

I know keeping it in the model will increase the file size and potential slower loading.
But would there be any performance difference between those 2 when actually using it in a report/dashboard?

Thanks in advance!