Connecting to API with Authentication

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Connecting to API with Authentication

Postby ierosadopr » Fri Mar 20, 2020 6:34 am

Hello everyone,

I've tried so many things... yet I'm still stuck trying to connect to an API that has authentication so here I am. I have some experience with power query, power pivot and data models, but when it comes to APIs and connecting to other external data sources I'm unfortunately a total noob :'(

I'm trying to connect to this API using a query:

I go to "Get data" on Excel's data tab, I click From Other Sources, From Web, Advanced, then I enter the following information (for example):

URL parts:

HTTP request header parameters (optional):
(left box | right box)
Accept | application/json
api-expires | 60
api-Key | (my key)
api-signature | (my signature)

this obviously does not work because of my noobness. maybe someone can share some basic guidance?

All I wish for is to access my account's data so I can start transforming and building a data model. Thank you in advanced.

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