Dynamic calculation of Multiple Currency via slicer

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Dynamic calculation of Multiple Currency via slicer

Postby lalaisgongon » Wed Feb 21, 2018 7:18 pm

Hi there,

Could I get the help from the experts here!
I have an MNC selling apples in 3 countries, USA, Singapore and Australia.

The Firm is US base and have to see their sales in USD
There have 3 fixed exchange rate over the course of the year, 1 Jan/ 1 Jun / 1 Dec
Looking back at the last year, i want to table to change the rate dynamically as i select the slicer.

Currently, the way i set it up, it works for Singapore only, how can i get it to work for Australia as well?

I have attached the file in this link!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Dynamic calculation of Multiple Currency via slicer

Postby benholmes » Wed Feb 21, 2018 9:14 pm

I'm only using Excel 2010 so can't look at your PP data model, however the attached file has a version that works.

First I'd flatten your exchange rate table (I did this with the unpivot function in Power Query) so you've got 3 columns - Rate, Country/Currency and Rate - and add it, your sales table and a Country table to Powerpivot. I'd have the Country table as a lookup table, joined to the other two fact tables.

I'd then have the following measures;
Sales Local:=SUM(Sales[Sales in Local Currency])
ConvRate:=IF(HASONEVALUE(ForexAdj[Currency]),SUM(ForexAdj[Rate])) - using a HASONEVALUE so it doesn't give you a value, which would be meaningless, on the total line if you have it on the PT and
Sales Converted SUMX:=SUMX(Country,[Sales Local]*[ConvRate]) - this needs a SUMX otherwise you wont get a total

Put Country from your Country lookup table (NOT the sales or forex table) on the rows and use your rate field from your forex table on the slicer
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