Newbie is missing data

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Newbie is missing data

Postby fuzzyly » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:12 am

Hello all together,

hopefully I arrived in the right forum room.

I hope to find some help:
I just built a data model with an own calendar table (for e. g. fiscal year and business year, calendar weeks. ...) and several different data tables.

By analysing the data I find some astonishing things going on. Exactly with the change of one business year to another, some customers are not mentioned anymore with data of orders or orders pieces.

It is curious to me as it is only some customers and it is exactly the change in the business years.

I double checked if the data is enclosed and I do have lines of those customers (OK only checked one) in the power Pivot data table, but nothing mentioned in the Pivot Tablet for showing the results.

In which direction should I start digging? Any ideas?

As it’s no data I’m may share it’s going to be complicated to find a solution. But I hope you can help.

Now going to bed and hope for some reply until tomorrow morning.

Best regards

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