Tool for DAX development in Excel

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Tool for DAX development in Excel

Postby smpascual » Mon May 03, 2021 6:14 pm

Good morning,
I'm developing an excel application (product cost calculation) based on a powerpivot data model with many tables (+/- 50) using direct query (SQL) to my ERP. Each product has many related components.

The app works fine. It takes nearly 5.10 minutes to load data and calculate measures but It is an assumible time cost. No problem with this.
What I can't assume is the developing costs. Each time I modify a measure Excel recalculate everything and takes 5-10 minutes.

I'm using DAX Studio but it is read-only. I develop measure changes and copy them to powerpivot tool.
If I need to modify/write many measures I need to wait time for each measure/change.

My question is, is there any tool/plugin/app or some kind of working that allow to write down all changes needed in DAX measures and, when all changes are done, commit them?
I'm using Excel 2019.

Thanks in advance.

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