PowerPivot doesn't recognize SWITCH syntax

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PowerPivot doesn't recognize SWITCH syntax

Postby george » Wed Jun 09, 2021 11:22 pm


I have encountered an error for the previously working solution with the SWITCH formula. It worked perfectly several years ago.

The formula is the following: NameOfSelectableMeasure:=SWITCH ( [MeasureSelector], 1, [Sales Value, mln UAH], 2, [Sales Volume, SU], 3, [WTD],4,[Price per diaper],5,[Value Share],6,[Volume Share] )

When I try to change the formula or just press enter on it, PowerPivot returns the following error:

The expression is not valid or appears to be incomplete. Please review and correct the expression.

So it looks like some syntax problem. Trying to track syntax step by step, I see that it doesn't recognize the Value when I input it as a number. For example, if I try to enter it as a text like "1" then it allows to enter the formula.

What can be wrong with it?

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