Dynamic Columns (slicer/mdx driven) not resizing

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Dynamic Columns (slicer/mdx driven) not resizing

Postby benholmes » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:50 am


Possibly not quite the right forum to post in (as it's possibly more an 'Excel' or perhaps MDX issue, but I expect this one probably has the most traffic so I'll give it a shot (plus it's a PP based PT, so it kinda fits).

Anyway, I've got a PT with a number of slicers, some of which just filter the data (CC and Activity Group) and others which change the aggregation/columns displayed in the PT, using MDX Named sets (Date Report Detail, Staff Report Detail and Values).

It all seems to be working fine, apart from the column widths when I change the detail level via the Staff Report Detail slicer - the columns are added to the PT correctly, however they don't resize to show the full text if I choose the Activity Group or Activity Detail option. The columns added/removed when I change between the Date Report Detail slicer options all resize correctly, however the Staff Report Detail ones aren't playing nicely.

Just wondering if anyone can identify what I may have missed that may be causing this. It's not a huge problem, as it's more just a demonstration of some of the Power Pivot functionality, but it's damn annoying having the resize the columns myself (lazy, I know).

More than happy to hear any suggestions if I've made a mess of the setup/measures in DAX as well!


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