Grand Total versus Monthly Total Issue

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Grand Total versus Monthly Total Issue

Postby Wrencher » Tue May 07, 2019 1:46 pm

I'm working to put together a pivot table that will calculate loads, gallons and acreage for spreading water on fields. There needs to be monthly and annual totals. The basics are - each grid is two acres, only one load per grid, maximum of six loads per grid. Only one load on any one grid in a given month. So, 1 load/2 acres, but at years end, there could be 3 loads on the same grid, so it's still two acres. The grand total is right for the annual report, the monthly totals are actually right, but it doesn't look right because the monthly totals don't add up to the grand total. Is there another way to show this or just make the monthly totals the same color as the background so they don't show? Take a look at Grid 35, three loads @4,600 ea = 13,800 all on the same grid so the total annual acres is 2. The TotalAcresCal for the 1st month is right at 22. The Grand total for the year at 42 is also right, but 22+28+20 doesn't equal 42.

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