Power Pivot challenging IF Measure

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Power Pivot challenging IF Measure

Postby gchain » Mon Sep 02, 2019 1:42 pm

I have this setup:

date cost
22 march 2018 100
10 january 2018 20
15 march 2019 150
12 january 2019 133

I don't know in advance, which cost, dates or how many rows I'll have.

Need a measure that takes this criteria into consideration:
- IF the month is the same as the max month, then, sum the cost of that month until the max day.

The cost for january 2018 would display 20 and all the remaining months would remain equal except for MARCH 2018, because it only sums cost until the max day of the max month (12).

Basically, the year before will be affected, while the current year is always the original value.

Is this possible to achieve with a measure?


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