PowerPivot - Join two tables

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PowerPivot - Join two tables

Postby ranco11 » Thu Nov 21, 2019 1:10 am


I thought I have a simple powerpivot question, which turns out not to be so simple :)

I have e.g. two data files:

file a has four columns)
I: contract_ID, Sales_Name, and Location

file b has three colums:
II: contract_ID, products, sales amount

File b might have multiple rows with the same contract_ID

If I now join both tables via contract_id and create a pivottable with powerpivot and want to show Sales name and corresponding products in the same pivottable then all diferent products which are in file b are shown next to all different sales_names from file a.

What I would like to see are only products which are aktually linked with each individual sales_name in the raw data base.
[b]It works perfectly fine for sales amount in the value field but not for Sales_name and products next to each other in the row field of the pivottable.[/b]

Is there any solution for my problem?

Thanks a lot in advance,


Bernard Heymans
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Re: PowerPivot - Join two tables

Postby Bernard Heymans » Fri Nov 22, 2019 6:23 pm


you have to work using ONE place that will be connected to both tables.

Just create a query that will have UNIQUE contract_ID (base on one of the existing table)
and of course add the resulting table to the datamodel.

link that table to both data table.
Hide contract _ID in both datafile to prevent using them in pivots

Create measure in both data files like Countloc := Distinctcount(a[Location]]) , Sales:= Sum(b[TotalSales])


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