Convert field from txt to number

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Convert field from txt to number

Postby Robe72 » Tue Jun 02, 2020 11:55 pm

Hi at all, I'm a new member in this community. I'm training to study DAX language and I'm italian members.
I'm making a little report for my job, I've a database with a 12 columns. I have a columns with a differnt numbers, about from 0 to 8 and I want create a new columns in Manage-Date with a conditions and I done it in this way:


Where"dati[delay]" is a logic test.
My problem is that after the result is 1, it is not a number field, but is a txt field. How can I do to change field from txt to number? I tried with "value", but I've an error.
Many thanks for yours answer!
Best Regards


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