DAX - to count work load

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DAX - to count work load

Postby Andy » Sat Jun 20, 2020 1:29 am

Hello Guys !

first of all HI to everyone, its my first post here and hopefully not my last one :-) Take care and stay healthy to everyone :!:

And now to my topic:
as you can see in the attached example, I want to achive the diagramm that you can see labled as Nr. 6.

It represents the work load of the guys in my department and the reason why I want to show it is to get more people :-)

What you see in the graphic is a "hand made" version but now I would like to translate it to dax and make it more useable with time Intelligence and filter options. So what I need is a filter that knows if the task is inside the range or not. But honestly I´m completly lost with my knowledge of DAX and I´m not an IT specialist. I understand dax and can use it but I need someone who can help me with the start.

So in general I have a table with start and end date of the task. and now ? any idea how to go on ?

Thanks a lot for any inspiration and many greetings from over here !

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