Adding an "If" measure adds other dates not relevant

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Adding an "If" measure adds other dates not relevant

Postby SergeiJ » Tue Jun 23, 2020 12:18 pm

HI Folks,

I've created a power Pivot table from payroll transactions to check if superannuation is calculated only if an employee earns more than $450 per month. The picture below shows one employees data without an IF Dax measure

I then add a new Measure which checks if the total superable amount for the month is less than $450 and where super has actually been paid.
The measure formula is: =IF( [Superable Amount] <= 450 && [Superable Amount] > 0 && [Paid Super 1] <> 0, "True","False").

When I add this measure to the table I get the following:

You can see that March has been added to the table with no data, but it gets worse if I add the Pay Period ending date:

The Pay Period End Dates then don't sync with the month. Why does this happen and what is wrong with the If measure?

If I take out the If measure, all Period end dates sync correctly with the month.

Would appreciate to understand this.
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