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Lookup value between two numbers

Posted: Fri Jun 26, 2020 11:37 pm
by boa

I'm a beginner in powerpivot and DAX. Can someone explain me how I can do a 'lookup' between numbers in powerpivot?

I have two tables:
- a lookup table
- table

The last column in the table is a result of a 'lookup' in the lookup table :)

I can combine the 2 tables with a code.


[b]Lookup table[/b]
Code street street name number min number max zone
2564789 Werftstraat 1 20 fietszone
2564789 Werftstraat 21 35 zone 30
2564789 Werftstraat 36 59 fietszone

Code street street name number [b]zone (from the lookup table)[/b]
2564789 Werftstraat 18 [b] fietszone[/b]
2564789 Werftstraat 23 [b]zone 30[/b]

Is this possible in powerpivot? In attachment also another example.