Filter data by cumulative periods

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Filter data by cumulative periods

Postby Dsr » Thu Sep 03, 2020 6:58 am

Dear All,
Please help me with the following. I have a table with dates ( and transactional data (sales, discounts, hour rates etc). I have also a separate calendar table. I want to build charts with slicer there user selects “Last month” or “YTD” and the data in the chart switches based on this selection filtering only relevant months. I’ve tried to build via SWITCH but didn’t succeed.
Second point is that in those charts I also want to show growth vs same cumulative period last year based on user selection in slicer. I believe this should be solved via SAMEPERIODLASTYEAR but I am confused if I have to create measures for each metric (sales, discounts, hour rates etc)? And how to link it with the slicer selection of periods?
Sorry if it sounds basic but I’ve studied all time related questions and didn’t find an answer.

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