Why am I not seeing all values?

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Why am I not seeing all values?

Postby WilliamHarper » Wed Dec 02, 2020 4:47 am

I could not get the two images to show below - please see attached Word file for those (Word file has same text as below also).

Without going into mega-detail, I am moving parts of my Power BI from static (parts computed in Power Query) to fully dynamic that may change based on user selections.

The below is one part of my confusion. As seen in the Filters pane on the right only rows with TotOutlier >= 1 are to be shown. TotOutlier is the last column on the right below. I have changed from a matrix to a table as I believe it better shows the two governing inputs: Joint, Yield Strength. Note that TotOutlier is blank below for the last 2 rows but this is not true. In fact, why would it even show such rows given what is in the Filters Pane? Also it is not showing 1’s in the circled blue areas under ziJoint.

My gut feel is that having two key variables (Joint, Yield Strength), it is in some manner ignoring Yield Strength here. Full data is only shown when a full Joint on it own has a 1 in the next to last column on the right.

See image in attached Word file.

If I remove TotOutlier from the Filters pane and also remove nYield (always 1), I get the following that has the correct results in the yellow highlighted areas. In this case it is only showing the subset of Joint, Yield Strength that are completely blank across all the other variables across the top.

There is another issue that I need to figure out as well on the Total line not showing the sums I want to see – Matt has helped with something on this in another area before that I need to review.

See image in attached Word file.

I have attached a pbix file with many pages removed from the actual application for business reasons. The above is from page “Client zi for Yield in PP?”.

Bill Harper
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