TOTALYTD optional parameters

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TOTALYTD optional parameters

Postby pivotuser » Sat Dec 01, 2018 7:46 am

I'm working with Supercharge Excel, exercise 63, Total Sales FYTD 30 June. The book's measure works for me, but I am not sure about how the optional parameters are handled when missing.

When I look at online examples indicate to use a comma when you are not using an optional parameter.

The third parameter on TOTALYTD is filter, which is optional. If I leave it out (and use the 4th parameter for fiscal year) using a comma the formula checker gives me an error --> 'Argument '3' in TOTALYTD function is required. If I leave the 3rd parameter out, use the 4th, and have no comma then it works.

(1) =TOTALYTD([Total Sales],'Calendar'[Date],"6/30") -- from the book, this works, no 3rd parameter, but also no comma.

(2) =TOTALYTD([Total Sales],'Calendar'[Date],,"6/30") -- use a comma for optional 3rd parameter, get error mentioned above.

(3) =TOTALYTD([Total Sales],'Calendar'[Date],ALL('Calendar'),"6/30") -- include 3rd parameter (filter), this works.

Does anyone know why #1 above works, but not #2?


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