Storing Dax Measures in a Database

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Storing Dax Measures in a Database

Postby datasquid » Thu Oct 17, 2019 12:28 pm


Does anyone have any suggestions on if it possible to store the DAX formulas in a database rather than saved in the file they are created and then use in any properly configured Excel file? A measures repository? Closest I can think of would be something like TM1 but storing the measures in the database (and not just the data)

I use PowerPivot (PowerQuery) heavily and a whole host of EXCEL created measures across many files and have reached a point where changes I make in one file I would really like to have available to all files (e.g. updating Gross Profit and adding a new measure). That is a change in a DAX formula is then made to all files that use it. I can manage a couple of changes to each file but it get hard when there are many.

I have used PowerBI but that is geared more towards visualisation (and the same problem is that measures are stored within the files). Further performance on single PowerBI page of some 50 or 60 card tiles was taking 30 seconds to refresh. I believe because the whole page is effectively SVG and all the text needs to be calculated and shown as SVG (which is performance draining)

The problem is I like PowerPivot for the really simple ease I can create dynamic reports (and graphs) using CUBEMEMBER, CUBEVALUE (and CUBESETS). It's quick and easy to add change delete as needed as the base structure is the Excel cells and grids

Thoughts and ideas?


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Re: Storing Dax Measures in a Database

Postby MattAllington » Fri Nov 01, 2019 5:23 pm

How about building a power BI dataset, publish to and then use Analyze in Excel to build your reports. That way you only need 1 master model
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